My research philosophy 

I am an interdisciplinary researcher focused on using theories of connectivity and network to explore various business phenomena. I am an empirical researcher and predominantly work with large panel datasets to uncover empirical insights. Since I am interested in theories and implications of connectivity, I extensively employ social network analyses and related statistical techniques in my research. Over time, I have collected some exclusive large datasets that I use in my research projects.

I am a phenomenon-driven researcher. Most of my research ideas have come from my observations of the world around me. I am an introspective and curious person by nature and passionate about research. Naturally, most of my own experiences and that of my friends make their way into my research investigation process. 

My current research can be categorized into two broad streams- 1. investment networks and their implications for the productivity of firms, 2. board networks and their implications for the compensation of individual directors.

Accepted publications

Invited article in IFC Review courtesy Snehal Awate  (affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay) 

Papers under review

Under review at Journal of International Business Studies. 

Job market paper 

The data for this project was collected using grants from the Young Scholars' Interdisciplinary Forum at Temple University and the generous contribution of Prof. Arvind Parkhe (affiliation: Temple University).

Advanced manuscripts in progress

I am currently analyzing data for my dissertation. This data collection is funded by the Temple-CIBER grant. The primary goal of the data collection is to show how the impact of firm embeddedness versus location centrality impacts firm productivity, profitability, and innovation performance.

Note: Some titles have been abbreviated to preserve the anonymity of the manuscripts in the peer-review process.